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Global Dodecanedioic Acid (DDDA) Market Projected to Reach USD 30 Billion by 2026

15-Jun-2020 | Facts and Factors

Findings from Facts and Factors report “Dodecanedioic Acid (DDDA) Market By Application (Powder coatings, Adhesives, Resins, and Others): Global Industry Outlook, Market Size, Business Intelligence, Consumer Preferences, Statistical Surveys, Comprehensive Analysis, Historical Developments, Current Trends, and Forecasts, 2020–2026” states that the global Dodecanedioic Acid (DDDA) market in 2019 was approximately USD 17 billion. The market is expected to grow above a CAGR of 6% and is anticipated to reach over USD 30 billion by 2026.

Dodecanedioic acid, usually referred to as DDDA, is just a dicarboxylic acid used in electronics in top-grade substrates, disinfectants, paint products, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and composites such as nylon 612; DDDA is used in the manufacturing of corrosion inhibitors widely used in water purification, chemistry, pulp & paper, and other industrial plants. DDDA can also be used in the manufacturing of material composites. Powder composites have a range of advantages over traditional materials, such as improved corrosion resistance, discoloration and scratching, high-quality finishes, chemical, high temperature, and tolerance to moisture. Therefore, dust composites are solvent-free which leads to zero emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC). This in effect makes the content temperature prone. DDDA's primary applications are polyesters, particularly polyamides, and resins with thermoplastics. For patients with type 2 diabetes, IV DDDA infusion has shown that it helps maintain healthy levels of sugar without impacting the energy levels or increasing blood glucose in the body. It can also be used as a component of heat transfer solutions and oxidation proof materials.

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Browse the full “Dodecanedioic Acid (DDDA) Market By Application (Powder coatings, Adhesives, Resins, and Others): Global Industry Outlook, Market Size, Business Intelligence, Consumer Preferences, Statistical Surveys, Comprehensive Analysis, Historical Developments, Current Trends, and Forecasts, 2020–2026"

Due to increased use in nylon 612, powder composites, resins, and paints production, the demand for DDDA is expected to increase. Nylon 612 is used in a wide variety of applications including coatings, polyester, detergents, grease, fragrances, and resins. Nylon 612 is also used in the production of thermally resistant thermoplastics because of its thermal-resistance properties. Rising demand for paint with zero polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons further increased the worldwide dodecanedioic acid industry. Resin became the largest commodity segment, accounting for the amount of about two-thirds of the industry in the last year. Environmental concerns surrounding dodecanedioic acid production would act as market restraint. The perceived limitation is expected to be annulled through the production of bio-based DDDA. It is also projected that in the coming years about 30 per cent of the petrochemical product market will replace bio-based DDDA. Powder composites are expected to be market segment with the fastest-growing use over the forecast period.

Based on application, resin segment represented 62% of the global demand for dodecanedioic acid and is expected to lead the industry by 2026 at a CAGR of 6.0%. Rise of this segment is attributable to the growing demand of nylon from numerous end-use industry, especially the automotive industry. Increasing demand from paint industry is also expected to boost demand for the drug.

Asia Pacific has been the main market for dodecanedioic acid, contributing  more than a third of the global demand in volume over the past few years. Growing industrial activities in Asia-Pacific are expected to fuel DDDA demand over the forecast period

Top key players operating in the market are Evonik Industries Evonik Industries AG, Beyo Chemical Co. Ltd., Cathay Industrial Biotech Ltd., Sinopec Qingjiang Petrochemical Co. Ltd., INVISTA, Zibo Guangtong Chemical Co. Ltd., Verdezyne Inc., and Others.

This report segments the Dodecanedioic Acid (DDDA) market as follows:

Global Dodecanedioic Acid (DDDA) Market: By Application Segmentation Analysis

  • Powder coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Resins
  • Others

Global Dodecanedioic Acid (DDDA) Market: Regional Segmentation Analysis

  • North America
    • The U.S.
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • France
    • The UK
    • Spain
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • South Korea
    • Southeast Asia
    • Rest of Asia Pacific
  • Latin America
    • Brazil
    • Mexico
    • Rest of Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa
    • GCC
    • South Africa
    • Rest of Middle East & Africa

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