About Us

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It

Facts & Factors is a modernistic consulting and market research organization trusting in offering out-of-the box strategies to uncover the best of the market data for the client’s secure future without any delay in time. We are adamant on putting forth all the opportunities and business strategies under a single roof to support you thrive in the market using the most relevant solutions and hypnotizing the correct decisions.

Facts & Facts is an erudite organization sculpted and framed in 2014 in Pune. We have been magnetizing our clients and competitors using our well-versed business development strategies. We have more1000+ reports published and provided to 100+ clients who are none other than well-known academic institutions, start-ups, and companies. Allthese clients motivate our team of experts in delivering the neoteric solutions & servicescoupled with guidance for nurturing their business.

We are so keen on quenching our clients longing for market data that we unhesitatingly ponder into diverse markets across North America, Asia, the Middle East, etc. Predominantly, we are so jubilant about client’s affirmative response that we help them create a stronger and profitable future.

What Are We Responsible For?

“Connoisseurs Scrutinizing Market History & Future”

Facts & Factors has a team of skilled professionals who are profoundly involved in conscientious and detailed studying of heterogeneous markets including chemical & materials, healthcare, packaging, technology & media, and others. Our team primarily focuses on enlightening you with the latest of trends, new opportunities, and other successive measures to tailor your business needs as well as to survive in the competitive market. We are here to accustom you with the complete market statistics and analytics.

How Do We Help?

“Casting Magic Charms For Business Mortality”

At Facts & Factors, we have a workflow built using data mined out from relevant databases and market surveying conducted by our analysts to make our client story a success. We use research methodologies that sculpt a better understanding about the market dynamics and build an informative repository desired by you.

What Solutions Do We Offer?

“We Make Brands Visible Online”

Facts & Factors team of experts will assist you in identifying the most unique strategies, brands, and rival performance to state on the top in the market. Additionally, our business intelligence will help you carve out a niche in the market.

Fine-tuning Services:

Our research and workflow inspires you to revel in all our services to the fullest. Our customer pleasing efforts coupled with the future roadmap will definitely push you to refine our services for better profitability.

Customer Satisfactory Strategies

We tailor business strategies as per your needs and offer the best of market data to sustain in the competitive business community. Our apt research methodologies and relevant insights on the diverse market help us cast a spell on all our audiences.

Constant Desire For Innovation

Our market analysis and statistics benefit start-ups as well as developed brands to keep conceiving. Our forward-thinking, intellectual, and dexterous nature will persuade you turn planning into targeted goals.

Our fact-based research along with comprehensive strategic business insights helps us provide the following solutions:

Syndicate/Published &Customized Reports

  • Analysis based on published research as well as internal & external investigation
  • Tracking of changing market behavior, market economics, competitive landscape, and business strategies
  • Reviewing of key market opportunities & challenges and product innovations for the key market players
  • Research solutions for the customization of market intelligence studies for strategic sustainability
  • Targeted or recommended studies such as region or product specific is possible

Delivering Up-To-Date Visions

  • Real-time insights help offer accurate business strategies digitally
  • Up-To-Date vision helps set growth targets

Ethical Market Intelligence

  • Real-time market intelligence based on key market participants and clients uncover simplified competitor analysis

Unique Consulting or Business Intelligence

  • Infallible & customized consulting offer best solutions at every step
  • Studies based on product/market position and patent assortments
  • Analysis on costing, technology, supply & demand analysis, and latest business strategies
  • Refining of key market participant sustainability and future market requisites

Why FnF Market Research?

1 Inflallible Methodology

to ensure high-level data integrity, accurate analysis, and impeccable forecasts

2 Analyst Support

for complete satisfaction

3 Customization

on-demand customization of scope of the report to exactly meet your needs

4 Targeted Market View

Targeted market view to provide pertinent information and save time of readers

5 Agile Approach

A faster and efficient way to cater to the needs with continuous iteration