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VAPR Acquired E-Cite Motors, an Electric Vehicle Manufacturer

VaporBrands International, Inc. has announced the acquisition of 100% of E-Cite Motors, L.L.C., a cutting-edge electric vehicle start-up.

VAPR will devote all of its resources to E-Cite Motors and has suspended all Vape or CBD-related activity in consideration of this opportunity, while continuously developing E-Cites’ unique offering of full-turnkey road legal automobiles. After receiving shareholder and regulatory permission, VAPR aims to change its name to something more appropriate for its new company.

Unlike competitors Polestar, Tesla, VW, Lucid, Jaguar, Ford, and others, E-cite is not needed to achieve any of the traditional automakers’ safety or other pricey certifications, making the convenience and timeframe of bringing new vehicles to market substantially more beneficial. Whereas the initial schedule to be able to provide a production vehicle to the market typically exceeds three years and is frequently much longer at a considerable cost, E-Cite plans to produce the first-ever production vehicles for the 2023 calendar year. It is less than a year from conception to the showroom.

This is due to the “Low Volume Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015,” which applies to E-Cites cars. A bill was signed into law guiding the NHSTA to set up a program allowing small-volume automobile producers to manufacture a limited number of vehicles each year within a set of regulations outlining the unique financial and safety issues associated with cognitive production, as well as directing the Environmental Protection Agency to allow small-volume motor vehicle manufacturers to configure engines from vehicles that have been certified. Despite being granted a year to develop this new program, it took the NHSTA until January 2021 to deliver a final decision sanctioning low-volume car manufacturing.

E-Cite Motors has developed a simple method for building automobiles with longboard chassis and hub electric motors. Because the system is completely modular, configurations range from small powered batteries and a single 100 hp motor to a highly powerful 1000 hp performance vehicle utilizing AWD 4 250 hp engines.

Using this modular approach allows for entry-level vehicles that are completely expandable and can be equipped with a wide range of objects, varying from reasonably priced sports cars, practical vehicles, and premium offerings made from reasonably priced glass fibers, all the way up to the results produced by today’s petrol sports cars using state-of-the-art carbon fiber and lighter chassis.