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Deltech Holdings LLC’s Polymers, Monomers, and European Businesses have been acquired by SK Capital Inc

SK Capital Partners, LP, a corporate investment firm centered on the raw materials, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals sectors, announced the acquisition of Deltech Holdings, LLC’s monomers, polymers, and European businesses (“Deltech” or the “Company”).


SK Capital has purchased a majority stake in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based company. Bob Elefante, one of Deltech’s founding members and CEO & President, retains a substantial ownership stake and will continue to be directly engaged in the business, which includes serving on the Board of Directors.

“Deltech is a global pioneer in the production of specialized crystal polystyrene and high-performance aromatic monomers,” SK Capital Managing Director Mario Toukan said. “Deltech has an appealing product line with market leadership in technologies.” In addition to crystal polystyrene, their portfolio includes divinyl benzene, vinyl toluene, and para methyl styrene. Deltech’s products provide critical characteristics to a wide range of end markets, such as ion exchange resins, resins, coatings & adhesives, molded composites & insulation, and others.

“SK Capital is the ideal match given its successful track record of facilitating the development of entrepreneur-owned businesses in the specialty chemicals industry,” Bob Elefante said. We share a vision for Deltech’s future, which is based on the company’s unique product line and a long-term commitment to satisfying our clients.

Deltech’s excellent service and delivery, coupled with their high-performance product lines, have established the company as a potential vendor to key global customers, said Jonathan Borell, Managing Director at SK Capital. “Their understanding of specialty monomer manufacturing and applications is unparalleled.” We are excited to work with Bob and the Deltech management team to broaden the commercial applications of their highly specialized monomers and polymers.

At present, Deltech employs 136 people in its Baton Rouge head office and manufacturing facility, as well as in its additional production facilities in Ohio, Troy, and Haverhill, United Kingdom, as well as in its global field operations.

About SK Capital

SK Capital is a venture capital firm specializing in the specialized materials, pharmaceutical, and chemical sectors. The firm’s mission is to create growth and powerful businesses that generate noteworthy long-term significance. SK Capital plans to use its industry, operational, and financial investments to identify opportunities to transform businesses into greater organizations with improved strategic placement, growth, and revenue growth, as well as lower operating risk.

SK Capital’s business portfolio generates approximately USD 12 billion in annual revenue, employs over 15,000 people globally, and operates 152 plants in 27 countries. The company currently manages assets worth more than USD 6 billion.