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Top 10 Companies in E-KYC Market

E-KYC Market

E-KYC assists in easing customer authentication along with facilitating swift onboarding of SME & retail consumers. Furthermore, it enables seamless digital processing of loan sanctioning and promotes digital lending. In addition to this, E-KYC has helped in expediting online payment activities along with increasing customer acquisition.

The surge in smartphone penetration, favorable legislation, and availability of high-speed 4G internet network facilities in emerging economies such as India has resulted in rising in online banking activities, thereby providing impetus to the growth of the E-KYC industry.

As per recent studies published by Facts & Factors, the e-KYC market is set to expand at a CAGR of 21.7% over 2020-2028 and hit revenue worth nearly USD 1,235 by 2028.

We will discuss some of the behemoth players operating in the E-KYC Industry-

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