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Top 10 Companies in Corporate Travel Insurance Market

The Corporate Travel Insurance Market is projected to accumulate huge returns worth USD 5.1 Bn in 2021 and will gain earnings of about USD 20 Bn by 2028. Apart from this, the industry is predicted to record a CAGR of nearly 20% in 2022-2028.

Furthermore, swift expansion of the corporate travel insurance business in the ensuing years can be credited to the ability of corporate travel insurance in offering financial security to individuals in times of unexpected evacuation in case of medical emergencies occurring during travels or journeys.

For instance, corporate travel insurance firms provide insurance coverage to travelers against unexpected situations including terror attacks, flight cancellation, baggage loss, accidents, injuries, and damage to property & personal possessions.  Moreover, the rise in the digitization of corporate travel insurance activities across the globe will prop up the size of the corporate travel insurance market in the next couple of years.

Let us discuss how few giant players, as well as their effective business strategies, have impacted the growth of the corporate travel insurance market.

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