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A leading Green Hydrogen Company speeding up the commercialization of home power units

AES-100 Inc., an Aberdeen International portfolio company, acquired two important and crucial pieces of equipment that will facilitate the next level of testing for AES-100’s direct-to-consumer green hydrogen power unit, despite global supply chain challenges.

With production cells at the heart of AES home power plants, AES will enable hydrogen fuel extraction and residential power generation, with the world’s largest gas company announcing green hydrogen mixing and pipeline diversion.

According to 2020 data from the US Energy Information Administration, the average American home uses roughly 30 kWh per day. According to AES-100 Inc. CEO Channce Fuller, “The AES technology and architecture are being designed and tested at varying rates exceeding 70 kWh per day. With this level of testing, the home power unit is ready for use in both small and large households. We’re ecstatic to be operating at rates that are suitable for commercial use. ”

Utility firms all across the world are preparing to convert billions of dollars of infrastructure that supports the hydrogen economy of the future.

About Aberdeen International:

Aberdeen International, a resource investment company and merchant bank, focuses on small-cap companies in the rare earth metals and renewable energy industries. AES-100 Inc., an Aberdeen portfolio investment, controls full intellectual property and exclusive rights to the Advanced Electrolyzer System (AES-100) for hydrogen production from dilute syngas.

About AES-100 Inc.:

AES-100 Inc. is a green technology venture capital firm aimed at the development of innovative hydrogen generating and separation technologies. AES owns the exclusive rights and intellectual property for the AES hydrogen production technology.