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Top Ten Companies in Synthetic Fiber Market

Synthetic Fiber Market

Expansion of the synthetic fiber market over the forecast period is due to a surge in customer demand for synthetic fibers owing to their cost-effectiveness, durability, and easy washing ability. In addition to this, exceptional product features such as outstanding chemical resistance, lightweight, physical properties, mechanical strength, elasticity, and softness will boost the size of the industry in foreseeable future. Synthetic fibers are integrated into fabrics, filtration, home furnishing, and vehicles.

The rise in the use of products in healthcare, packaging, aviation, electronics, and air filters will expedite synthetic fiber business growth. Surging product application in home furnishings will open new facets of growth for the synthetic fiber industry in the next couple of years.

As per recent studies published by FNF Research, Synthetic Fiber Market, which accrued revenue worth USD 63.2 Bn in 2021, is predicted to register the highest gains of about 6.9% over the next six years and earn nearly 102 Bn by 2028.

We will discuss a few of the giant participants of the Synthetic Fiber market.

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