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SARGAS and Air Products are collaborating to build an Air Separation facility in Oman

Air Separation facility in Oman

Air Products, is a global industrial gas supplier, and its regional partner, the Saudi Arabian Refrigerant Gases Agency of Saudi Arabia (SARGAS), recently inked a contract to build an air separation unit (ASU) at the steel and iron complex of Jindal Shadeed in Sohar, Oman.

SARGAS is a division of Abdullah Hashim Gases and Equipment, Air Products’ long-running Saudi industrial gas joint venture. The new plant is expected to be able to provide approximately 400 T/D of nitrogen and oxygen.

SARGAS and Air Products launched the project, which is a collaboration between SARGAS and Air Products and is the company’s 3rd ASU installed at the Sohar facility. According to the company, the installation of the new ASU would increase the power of gaseous nitrogen and gaseous oxygen, as well as liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen in Oman by 50%.

“Air Products is thrilled to broaden our cooperation with Jindal Shadeed Steel and Iron, “stated Hamid Sabzikari, GM and VP, Air Products Industrial Gases Turkey, Middle East, and Egypt.” The completion of the 3rd ASU shows our dedication to expanding consumer assistance in Oman and throughout the Middle East. I am grateful to the people who have showcased remarkable resilience and perseverance for this scheme amid the current COVID-19 outbreak, exemplifying our key concepts of speed, safety, self-confidence, and simplicity.”

“We are glad to maintain our partnership with Air Products and thank the people for their commitment and dedication to reliability and safety for the provision of gases,” said Sanjay Anand, CEO and plant head, Jindal Shadeed Iron and Steel. These shall be utilized to boost efficiency and productivity in our steel melting workshop and direct reduced iron (DRI) facility.

Khalid Hashim, general manager of SARGAS, commented on the development, saying, “We had a fantastic partnership with Jindal Shadeed Steel and Iron, and this new ASU facility strengthens the relationship even further.”

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