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An Indian transformer manufacturer joins forces with Zinc8, a Pioneer in New-Age Batteries

A Canadian battery company, Zinc8, agreed to an agreement with Vijai Electricals, an Indian transformer maker, to investigate a project in collaboration utilizing its next-generation zinc-air energy storage system.

The deal will also cover the possibility of Vijai Electricals producing components for the Zinc8 battery, which is said to be cheaper than lithium-ion technology and to last far longer than the current market cornerstone technology, lithium-ion.

Vijai’s track record in energy systems and manufacturing, as well as its dedication to quality and dependable partners in India and over 40 other countries, stated Ron MacDonald, Zinc8 CEO.

“This arrangement is a significant step forward for Zinc8 as it joins the worldwide long-term energy storage industry.”

“[Our] manufacturing capabilities and the advantage of having skilled Indians and a relatively affordable workforce, we are convinced that this solution will go a long way to servicing the needs of extended duration [battery energy storage systems (BESS)],” stated Dasari Jai Ramesh, chairman of Vijai Electricals.

It is believed that Zinc8 BESS will address the need for round-the-clock renewable energy systems in nations like India.

The initial cost of the Zinc8 BESS, one of a new generation of innovations offering fairly low-cost, longer-duration grid storage than Li-ion, is around USD 250/kWh, dropping to USD 100/kWh for a 32-hour system and USD 60/kWh for a 100-hour system. The other hand, lithium-ion projects, on the other hand, cost around USD 300/kWh for any duration longer than eight hours.

About Zinc8

Zinc8 is a Canadian Energy Solutions company that has created novel battery technology that runs on zinc and air.

About Vijai Electricals

Vijai Electricals Ltd., India, is a manufacturer-exporter of power transmission and distribution transformers up to 15 MVA and 66 kV.

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