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About us

Facts & Factors is a modernistic consulting and market research organization trusting in offering out-of-the-box strategies to uncover the best of the market data for the client’s secure future without any delay in time. We are adamant about putting forth all the opportunities and business strategies under a single roof to support you thrive in the market using the most relevant solutions and hypnotizing the correct decisions.

Facts & Facts is an erudite organization sculpted and framed in 2014 in Pune. We have been magnetizing our clients and competitors using our well-versed business development strategies. We have more1000+ reports published and provided to 100+ clients who are none other than well-known academic institutions, start-ups, and companies. All these clients motivate our team of experts in delivering the neoteric solutions & services coupled with guidance for nurturing their business.

We are so keen on quenching our client’s longing for market data that we unhesitatingly ponder into diverse markets across North America, Asia, the Middle East, etc. Predominantly, we are so jubilant about clients’ affirmative response that we help them create a stronger and more profitable future.

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